BT Sport comes to Virgin Media

BT and Virgin media have ironed out their difference and have announced that BT Sport will be available to Virgin Media customers.

bt-sport-pricing-availabilityAfter several weeks of boardroom wrangling, Virgin Media bosses have agreed the terms on which the company can offer BT Sport to viewers. BT and Virgin had disagreed about whether the three new sports channels could be offered to customers as part of an existing package bundle or if BT’s much-trumpeted rival to Sky Sports would have to be a separate premium subscription.

The answer, as it turns out, is both. Virgin Media customers on its XL channel package will receive BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN free of charge without having to do a thing. If you don’t have the XL bundle you can still subscribe to BT Sport but it will be a separate payment similar to subscribing to Sky Sports or Sky Movies. This will cost an additional £15 per month, slightly higher than the same package for Sky customers.

BT Sport is also available free for BT Broadband customers although only BT Infinity subscribers can get the service via a YouView box. Standard BT Broadband customers also get free access, but only to view the channels online via a web browser or iOS/Android app.

(source: Virgin Media)

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