D-Link Boxee Box

D-Link Boxee Box

If your television doesn’t have any connection to the outside world, the Boxee Box from D-Link offers up access to free movies and TV programmes, as well as the web and over 200 apps.

Services wise, the usual suspects are included, such as YouTube, BBC iPlayer and even Spotify (but no Netflix or Lovefilm), as well as a web browser so you can access services like Facebook and Twitter. Any movies or TV shows you watch can also be shared with friends, should you want to broadcast your viewing habits to the world.

The remote control flips over to reveal a QWERTY keyboard, and the Boxee also includes USB ports and a SD-card slot to view pictures and videos from other devices, with all major picture, video (and audio) formats supported. Your photos can also be shared and viewed using Picasa and Flickr.

Connection wise, the back of the box includes an Ethernet socket to connect to your router for the maximum possible connection speed, as well as Wi-Fi should your router be in another room. The back also comprises a HDMI output, analogue audio output (RCA) and optical digital audio output.

Built on an open sourced platform, powered by an Intel Atom processor, the Boxee Box has more apps being added to its range all of the time, but one of the key benefits is the additional access to free TV programmes and movies, as long as you don’t mind having to watch advertisements.

Or, you can hook up via DLNA to your network attached storage (NAS) device or mobile phone and stream content from there. It’s up to you.

D-Link Boxee Website

Boxee Box – Key Specifications

Boxee Box
Storage space Via USB storage device
Broadcast TV No
TV on Demand Yes
Catch up TV Yes
PVR functionality No
Apps and Games Yes
Web browser Yes
USB port to play media Yes (2) + SD Card reader
Wi-Fi Direct No
Ethernet/Wi-Fi Yes/Yes
HD support Yes, up to 1080p
Dolby Digital Yes
YouTube Yes
Music/Movie Streaming Services Yes
Mobile/Online programming No
Remote viewing of content No
Other Remote control app for smartphone to control Boxee (act as keyboard or trackball, adjust volume etc)

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