Netflix to premier Dreamworks animations

Netflix has entered into a deal with Dreamworks Animation that will see the streaming service premier 300 hours of animation.

banner_1919LoveFilm may have bought a load of classic Disney and Pixar films but Netflix hasn’t been slacking in the content-acquisition stakes. The streaming video outfit has signed a deal with Disney rival Dreamworks Animation that will net its subscribers around 300 hours of animation featuring popular franchises like Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar.

The deal is believed to cover all-new and original shows rather than just existing Dreamworks movies or animated series. Dreamworks has several ongoing series based on its popular movie franchises, including Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness and The Penguins of Madagascar. The studio also produces short ‘specials’ such as the Christmas-themed Merry Madagascar.

No details are available yet about how long Netflix’s exclusive will last before the shows are available elsewhere. Nevertheless, this does seriously strengthen Netflix’s portfolio of exclusive and orginal programming, something that all the main streaming services have been attempting to do of late following the success of ‘net first’ shows like House of Cards and Arrested Development.

(source: BGR)

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