Freesat adds 150,000 homes in last year

Freesat has published figures for 2012/13 that shows the freeview satellite service is growing fast.

FreesatLogo460Free satellite service Freesat is growing much faster than expected, having added 150,000 new users in the last 12 months. This growth – claimed to be the fastest in the sector and outpacing pay-tv rivals like Sky and Virgin Media – brings Freesats viewership up to 1.7 million homes in the UK.

29,000 of those new customers were added in the last three months alone and Freesat claims that 51% of its new additions were customers who have switched provider from an existing pay-tv contract. The majority of those switching are said to come from Sky, which makes sense considering they can use the same dishes.

Freesat has been providing a free alternative to paid satellite TVservices  for the past five years. Managing Director Emma Scott said of the figures, “Everyone of us across the UK is continually reassessing how we spend our money, and with 79% of viewing across all platforms, including pay, going to free channels, and 52% going to the top 5 channels – having a monthly TV subscription just doesn’t make sense for most people.”

Freesat has recently added YouTube access to its set top boxes as well as launching a whole new box called Freetime. this enhanced STB allows on-demand programming and pay-per-view TV as well as Freesat’s standard channels.

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