Samsung launches ‘epic’ ad campaign for Smart TV

Samsung is determined to push its Smart TV platform and is pumping a rumoured £14 million into spreading the word.

Screenshot-7Smart TV is taking off in the UK but Samsung would obviously like it to take off a lot faster. To give things a bit of a nudge, the Korean firm has just dropped a whopping 14 million pounds on a marketing campaign designed to educate and inform about its latest batch of Smart TVs.

The campaign will centre around a TV ad set to air during prime time shows like Scott and Baily  and Champions League Football on ITV1 and Mad Men (Sky Atlantic). The ad, entitled ‘Charge’, is designed to demonstrate how Samsung’s S Recommends content recommendation system work. In it, a man sits in an armchair while characters run towards him out of his TV screen. Using S Recommends he is able to pick out precisely what he wants to watch.

Samsung UK’s Guy Kimmel said, “Our 2013 Smart TVs continue to push the boundaries of technology and we wanted a campaign that reflects this in the most exciting way possible. With Smart features such as S Recommendation award winning” picture quality and an industry leading Smart TV platform, we’re transforming the home entertainment experience with an even easier and intuitive way for our customers to search for content they want.”

Although this is an ad aimed at boosting sales of Samsungs 2013 line of Smart TVs we like to think it might do a bit for Smart TV in general too.

(source: Marketing Week)

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