LG Cloud services goes global

LG is rolling out its LG Cloud service globally, including Europe, Asia, Central Asia and Latin America by the end of May.

LG_CLOUDThe LG Cloud service allows users to stream content directly to LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs, as well as providing a useful place to store content that can be synchronised between PCs, (Android) smartphones and televisions.

LG Cloud can store videos, photos and music and once uploaded to the account, can be streamed to various services – without the whole file having to be downloaded first. 5GB of content can be streamed for free.

Richard Choi, senior vice president of the Smart Business Centre at LG Electronics said: “LG Cloud eliminates the time-consuming process of having to download or manually transfer content between devices,

“Today’s consumers are no longer loyal to only one type of screen. They move seamlessly from TVs to PCs to smartphones and it’s up to us to help them get the content they want whenever and wherever they want it. LG is one of very few companies that can offer integration across so many display products.”

Content uploaded to the LG Cloud service is automatically transcoded for the device that will display the content, with a resume play function that works across devices (e.g. pause a song on a smartphone and resume on a LG Smart TV).

Signing in is quick thanks to an automatic single sign on process, able to recognise both a user’s LG Smart TV ID and LG Cloud ID.

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