Spider Solitaire Review

Surprisingly Spider Solitaire is only the second Solitaire game to make it to Panasonic TV’s. They’re such a good fit that we’d expected to see loads of them- after all they’re suitable for anyone, you can play them on your own and they control fine on a TV remote. We’d also wager that they’re pretty easy to make.

Spider Solitaire1We’re happy that Viera Connect hasn’t been inundated with them though and we’re even happier that Spider Solitaire is actually pretty good.

It uses the basic rules of spider solitaire – you have ten stacks of cards and have to move cards from pile to pile to create eight suits each containing thirteen cards of the same suit ordered from King to Ace.

The game is overlaid with a fairly superficial spider theme and gives you a choice of playing with just one suit (which is quick and easy as you don’t need to worry about cards being in the right suit), or two suits or four suits- the latter being by far the hardest.

A basic scoring system also comes into play, whereby you lose a point for every move you make, but gain points when you complete a suit or finish a game, so there’s incentive to come back and try to beat previous scores.

There’s not much to the game but it works well and is good fun in short bursts.


Spider Solitaire does what it sets out to do and fans of solitaire should definitely check it out.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Platform: Panasonic TV | Price: Free


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  • heyho

    Hi James and thank you for the review! I have silly question to ask you though..how do you put the game fullscreen? I tried also with solitaire, but if i press the ok button it just starts the game or keep choosing the cards..i can’t figure it out! thanks in advance!

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