Fruit Splat Review

Fruit Splat is one of the latest in a stream of simple puzzle games to have hit smart TV’s. They’re an obvious fit because of how easy they are to control on a remote, but despite there being so many of them Fruit Splat manages to stand out a little by being a bit different.

fruit splat1It’s essentially a mix of Tetris and a match-three game. You find yourself in a barn while columns of fruit advance menacingly towards you through the barn door (don’t ask us how fruit can advance, let alone be menacing).

Your goal is to ‘splat’ as much of it as possible in three minutes by throwing things at it. You need to splat groups of three or more of the same type of fruit to get any points and if the fruit reaches you it’s game over.

Some fruits have numbers next to them which are score multipliers and of course there are also power ups added into the mix. If you survive for three minutes you end up in the next round, which is basically the same again, but it keeps your score and the fruits reset to the barn entrance, giving you some breathing room. Fruit Splat can be fairly challenging, which means games are often short rather than becoming a monotonous drag. Though with only the one game mode it’s questionable how much you’ll want to play it anyway.


An okay puzzler, but it’s not one that you’ll keep coming back to.

Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆


fruit splat2 fruit splat1 fruit splat3

Platform: Panasonic | Price: Free

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