Apple opens replacement program for Apple TVs with Wi-Fi fault

Apple has notified retail stores, AppleCare employees and authorised resellers of a fault with a small selection of third-generation Apple TV units, relating to Wi-Fi connection issues.

300px-AppleTVThese issues include being unable to locate a Wi-Fi network, being unable to join a network or suffering from drop outs and other intermittent problems.

Apple will replace affected units that suffer from any of the above problems within two years of purchase, free of charge.

At this time, it’s not entirely clear whether Apple TV devices sold in the UK are included, but has published a screen shot of a bulletin that lists the serial number ranges, so it might be worth having a look and contacting Apple if you discover a match.

9to5Mac points out that Apple recently started to ship a modified Apple TV using a new wireless chipset from Broadcom, which might have been due to known issues.

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