Guest Editorial: Nangu.TV and the social TV revolution

The multi-screen revolution is being driven by the consumer and is developing quickly. It offers huge potential and a bright future for operators adopting OTT across multiple devices. By delivering quality television services operators are expanding their market potential and thereby significantly increasing revenue and meeting the ever increasing demands of their customer base.

player_VoD_nanguBut consumers don’t just want to view content anytime, anywhere, they want to be fed that content based on what their friends are watching and they want to find it quickly and easily.

To answer the needs of this ever growing market nangu.TV has developed an app that’s available for download via the App Store or Google Play, which provides users of its platform with a whole host of new features for multi-device and remote control use.

The latest addition to the nangu.TV app is its recommendation engine. Recommendation has become a powerful tool: more and more users rely on discussions with friends when selecting movies and TV programmes, and advertisers know that a personal recommendation exceeds any form of advertisement.

While users are browsing content on the nangu.TV platform the recommendation engine feeds the most relevant content from the fewest selections in the search categories.

NanguTV-iPadUsing the nangu.TVapp it’s also now possible for consumers to control their TV using a tablet or Smartphone device. This remote application enables simple browse capability with on/off, play, pause, start again and volume adjustment.

Pop-up push notifications on the second screen alert the user that content is starting and a single click plays it on the TV. The search optimisation is highly advanced enabling filtering based on chosen criteria. Users can search, record, bookmark or play content on the TV freeing up the second device.

With the integration of apps on mobile, tablet and smart TVs, watching OTT content across multi-screen devices has never been easier. Users of the nangu.TV platform simply purchase the app and access content on the platform using the pin number provided by their operator.

antonin_kral_nanguTVThis guest editorial was written by Antonín Král, CEO, nangu.TV.

Author biography: Antonín Král, Ph.D. is CEO of nangu.TV, including Head of Development and Technical Project Manager. He’s a graduate of the Engineering Program at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) in Prague. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematical Engineering at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering in 2009. He’s the creator behind the idea of cluster storage and the overall components of the design of the platform nangu.TV. He participated in high-energy physics experiments in CERN, Switzerland and Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA.

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