Talk Talk slapped over ‘free’ YouView ad

Talk Talk has been told off by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority over claims made regarding its ‘free’ YouView box.

yv2When we first heard about this story, our first reaction was “Yeah, they say it is free but there is a £50 ‘installation charge’.” But no, that isn’t what the ASA are concerned about at all. That’s all fine. This is about the way Talk Talk present their ‘free’ YouView as an alternative to paying for a full-price box.

Rival (and YouView partner, oddly enough) BT complained about TalkTalk’s ads that offered a, “free YouView box – normally £299.” This, BT claimed, was misleading because the YouView box had only been available for six days prior to the ad going out and so couldn’t be considered a discount.

The ASA agreed, stating “The claims must not appear again in their current form. We told TalkTalk to ensure that in future, they did not misleadingly imply that a product was generally sold at a particular price if they did not have the evidence to substantiate the claim.” Sure enough, if you shop around the YouView box can be bought online from as little as £248.

(via ITV News)

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  • Williaj

    It is also the case that Talk Talk are refusing customers the You View service if you only have a land line digital supply. When you test your line through them it comes up with the following message “TV service is not available in your area yet” albeit I originally paid for a line boost when I took out the contract with them originally and have downloaded the upgrade to my Huawei HG 532 router.

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