Flingo and Innovid trying to change smart TV advertising

Second Screen experts Flingo are joining forces with video advertising company Innovid to offer a new, interactive advertising platform for networks to run on compatible smart TVs.

119615_Flingo-InnovidFlingo’s Samba platform is a second screening system that links mobile devices to your TV to pop up relevant information about what uou are watching, such as social media discussions and cat biographies. Now Flingo is trying to build on that product to produce a new interactive advertising platform in collaboration with Innovid.

Flingo’s idea will let advertisers target viewers through their second screen devices, popping up useful interactive ads that can nudge viewers into finding out more and – hopefully – buying. Some examples might include games or more in-depth demonstrations of products than can be conveyed in a 30 second ad clip.

The Samba recognition tech will detect when a particular advert is showing on the TV and fire up the Flingo app on tablet or mobile phone so interested viewers can take things further. The idea is that these interactive ads will engage viewers more than just the passive advertising. Even though they will cost more to produce, this could make for a better use of a company’s advertising budget.

(via TechCrunch)

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