Napster music streaming hits LG TVs

LG smart TVs have received another music streaming option in the form of Napster – a blast from the past of music piracy that has now gone legit.

napsterNapster was the original music sharing application that gave the music industry a dose of the heebie jeebies back in the mid nineties as it suddenly dawned on them that home taping wasn’t even the half of it. After much legal wrangling the original Napster was shut down (only to be replaced by more robust, decentralized services like BitTorrent) but the Napster name lives on.

Nowadays the Napster brand is attached to US online music streamer Rhapsody and offers over 15 million songs  to subscribers on mobile phone, console, web and now LG TV. The Napster app is a free download from the Premium APps card on 2012-model LG TVs that gives instant access to Napsters radio-like music channels and library of tracks.

Access is free for 30 days, after which you will need a subscription, starting at £5/month for the basic service with no offline downloads. Existing Napster subscribers can of course just log straight in using their login details.

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