Eutelsat launches Europe’s first Ultra HD channel

Satellite operator Eutelsat has launched the first dedicated satellite channel broadcasting Ultra HD (4K) content.

LG-84LM960VThe problem of where the 4K content is coming from to inspire viewers to switch to Ultra HD TV is steadily being chipped away at by broadcasters. Eutelsat has announced the first dedicated 4K channel in Europe that is now broadcasting lovely 8 million-pixel video to the well-off of EUrope.

We say the well off, because you are unlikely to get much change from £25,000 if you try to buy am Ultra HD TV set so we doubt too many of your will have one in your front room just yet. Still, prices are sure to fall sooner or later and when they do there needs to be something to watch.

As to what is actually being broadcast.. we don’t quite know. In a sense though, this is more about there being a proof-of-concept demonstration channel that those trying to sell 4K sets can point to and say, “Look! Content!” than a reliable source of Ultra HD reruns of Happy Days. Or, as Jean-François Leprince-Ringuet, Eutelsat’s Commercial Director put it, ”Early and close collaboration between all players in the broadcast chain will be a key success factor for this new revolution.”

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