US Pay TV to shrink for first time

The number of Pay TV subscribers in the USA is set to fall for the first time according to new research.

tdgchartThe rise of cable and satellite broadcasters has been a constant but if predictions based on research by TDG are correct the trend may be about to end. US pay TV subscriptions are predicted to fall for the first time. TDG’s report claims that US subscriptions hit an all-time high of 101 million households in 2011 but that this has already begun to decline.

By 2017, says TDG, subscribers will have dropped by over five percent. This may not be a huge fall, but TDG claims it will have “long-term tectonic implications.”

The reason for the fall is likely due to ‘cord cutters’ – industry jargon for that group of TV viewers who prefer to download or stream selected shows from the internet rather than signing up for a broadcast package that they will never use. Cable companies prefer to sell you a subscription to bundles of channels as they can charge more – still offering some semblance of choice, but actually requiring you to spend extra to get all the channels you actually want.

The rise of streaming or downloadable media and the easy availability and popularity of the DVD box set means it is much easier for people who don’t watch much TV (or are just selective about what they do watch) to only pay for what the consume.

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