HiSense shows off its own transparent TV

Chinese gadget maker HiSense brought a prototype transparent TV to CES, following Samsung’s own development shown last year.

hisenseThe Chinese electronics manufacturer showed off a screen that looks like a double-glazed window, with a little window box behind it full of model buildings and trees.

The screen is completely transparent when there is no image displayed and translucent even when there is. The small model behind the glass was meant to be scenery that HiSense claimed could be incorporated into the onscreen image to increase the sense of depth. Clearly, this isn’t something you’re going to be watching Eastenders on.

Like Samsung’s screen, HiSense may end up pitching a version of this at advertisers to use as a high-tech ad hoarding, possibly with an example of the product being hawked sandwiched between layers of glass. As it stands though the prototype requires 3D glasses to work so it is not really suitable for advertising anywhere except perhaps inside a cinema, or a 3D glasses factory.

Who knows, though? With a bit of work then by CES 2014 it may be possible to have a window in your home that can double as a TV.

(via BBC)

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